alfredo sendim

Date: to be defined

Duration: 3 hours

Location: Montado do Freixo do Meio


One Sunday (or public holiday) a month, Afredo Cunhal Sendim, will give an open-theme Masterclass for everyone who is interested in learning about nature, the functioning of ecosystems and multifunctional agriculture.


This is an opportunity to understand food production within the ethical principles of the agroecological project by its creator.


What to expect from this Masterclass?

- Knowledge sharing on the production and consumption methods developed at Freixo do Meio

- A reflecting and promoting attitude towards the relation of Mankind with Nature, the state of the Planet and conscious consumption.

- Debate on pertinent themes on the environment – ethical models of agriculture and animal production, Food Sovereignty, the conservation of natural resources through the agroforest mosaic

- Discovery of the fauna and flora diversity of the Montado do Freixo do Meio

- Moments of cooperation and collective sharing

- Demonstration of local examples where present and future environmental and climate challenges where adopted

Participants: 10 to 100 people



15€ / person



Biography – Alfredo Cunhal Sendim

Born in Porto, Alfredo Cunhal Sendim spent his childhood in Lisbon, the city, Montemor-o-Novo, the countryside, and Ferragudo, the sea. He was 8 years old when the ’74 Revolution cut out almost everything and he was taken to finish primary school in Pamplona, the mountains, in Franco’s Spain. He witnessed a second transition to democracy, diving into a culture very distinct from his own. He later returned with his family to Lisbon and Ferragudo, the city and the sea – the countryside would be postponed another 15 years. He completed high school and strengthened his relationship with the ocean through multiple forms of fishing. His attempt to study veterinary medicine took him to Évora and the Alentejo for 5 years. While he was studying zootechnics, he started helping his mother who had regained ownership of a few lands in the region.


In 1990 he moved to Freixo do Meio where step-by-step he has been developing a structuring social and agronomical project. He returned to Spain for three years where he studied rural economy. He thought at Évora University where he is still a member of the Superior Council of the University. In this period he participated actively in the agronomical associative movement of the Alentejo region.


His search for the use of the land as a “Common Good” comes from a profound reflection on the exercise of ownership and the interaction models with the community and with nature durring his 30-year practice as a farmer at Herdade do Freixo do Meio. Besides land management, he was an administrator of companies in the agro-food and cork sectors. He is a pioneer of national movements of Agroecology, Organic Farming, Permaculture, Agroforests and Food Sovereignty.


Awarded and recognized by the iberic environmental sector, Alfredo Cunhal Sendim has promoted and represented these causes at distinct channels such as the National Mistery of Agriculture, the EU, FAO and civil society. More recently, he is one of the faces of the action “People for the Climate”, represented by ten European families. He has two children.

We offer agroecological learning experiences in connection with our natural ecosystems.

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